About Us

After years of cringing as I watched my children pack unhealthy snacks into their schoolbags, I finally decided that something had to be done. I started baking muffins and bars that they would eat happily, and I was happy in the knowledge that there were no preservatives colorings or unhealthy additives in their snacks. But as life got busier, I still wanted to maintain my standard but baking was taking just a bit too much time. I searched for baking mixes that would help cut the prep time but to my dismay the ingredients I was reading on thoselabels I was reading were astonishingly unhealthy.

Hence the creation of the KosherCo line of all natural baking mixes, three kinds of healthy cookies, (and many more products on the way.) I can now proudly say we are providing you with healthy alternatives, free of those harmful additives and unhealthy ingredients. We are making it easy for you to feed your family right, and send them to school with nut free alternatives that they will love!

Join me in my quest to eat better, while maintaining my high standards of quality and taste.
Together we can make it happen!